Monday, 29 June 2015

The Good Shepherd

Hi Everyone!
What an awesome week it has been! It has flown by though!

We have been visting a lot of people. It is so busy we barely have time to go finding. We have a bunch of progressing investigators which is so great! We are really happy. 3 of them have baptisimal dates, 2 are in this month. I love this area! 
We struggled with finding as I said, but we met a potential! He was directed into our path! We fasted to find someone and we did. He is really cool, a student and wants us to teach him at the university so we are going to be doing that this week! He was very accepting and open! So pumped! 

My companion Sister Funaki and I
On wednesday we had arrivers training so we had to drive to the mission office and we had a lesson with President Carter. It was so good and a lot of fun! He taught all of the new missionaries that just came in, but before that he made some announcements. He said that on August 11th... DAVID ARCHULETA is coming to visit our mission and talk with all the missionaries!!! I WAS SO EXCITED! I felt liking jumping out of my seat and dancing but I had to sit there and remain dignified in front of my Mission President. I am so excited. Woo Hoo! 

I saw Kangaroos for the first time this week! Again, I was so excited! So much excitement this week! We were driving and they were grazing just off to the side. 

We went to Multi-Zone Conference. I was really nervous because there was going to be about 100 other missionaries that I don't know! The only person I really know is Sister Funaki! The conference was excellent though. President Carter is a great speaker, he talked on the doctrine of Christ. I then got to meet a lot of the missionaries! Everyone is so nice! I don't know why I was nervous. I met a missionary, I think his name is Elder Empey, he is Ryan Karl's cousin, so that was cool to make that sort of connection. It is a small world! 

Adelaide is a beautiful city, I am glad I got to drive downtown twice this week. The university is so cool! I wish I could go and take a look around.

Nearer the end of the week we got dropped. It was such a sad moment for us. We went over to her house and there was a note on the door for us. It was a very nice note, but I am so sad she doesn't want to meet anymore! We only got to teach her twice. I wish her all the best though. 

Thursday evening I had my first trade off! Again, I was nervous thinking "Oh no, what if this sister doesn't like me, etc, etc." But she was so nice!! I switch with the Mount Barker Sisters, about 45 mins away from here. It was interesting to see how someone else works and what different areas are like. The drive there was my favourite though. The road was small and windey through the country. It was beautiful! One of the most picturesque drives I have been on, other than through the rockies. I wish I could have shared it with my family! I know they would've all loved it! 

We had a miracle during trade offs, we found a new investigator! YAY! I can't wait to start teaching her. 

For this week we had a goal to get 7 of our investigators to church this sunday (very ambitious). We had 6 of them come and 1 potential! It was so cool to stroll around the church with our little army of amazing investigators! They are all so wonderful. The 1 potential was one of our investigators friends, and she wants us to teach her now too! So many blessings! 

I don't have much else to say, unfortunately I didn't have another UFO sighting, and no they weren't fireflies Dad! Ha-ha. I really hope my pictures upload today, I am so sorry if they don't. Every week I will print out pictures and post them home. They can be scanned in and uploaded here. I know it takes longer but, oh well! Not much I can do.

Read Alma 5. It is amazing. My favourite part is about the Good Shepherd and His sheep (which is us). 

Love Sister Coultrup

June 28th 2015
Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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