Sunday, 26 July 2015

A Faith Filled Sicky

G'day Family and Friends!

I am sorry I didn't email on Monday, our P-day was switched to Thursday this week because we got to go to the Adelaide Temple! I will go in order of what happened last week and most of this week.

Last week was a great week! We had a lot of meetings to get to and our trade-off was far away so it seemed like I was driving half the week. Something my companion and I have been working on is our faith. We need to be more faith filled! We need to set out to do something and believe it will actually happen, we were thinking if we did maybe we would have more success.

First experience I want to share was when Sister Funaki and I were going to an investigators house who we haven't taught yet. We were going to just drop by and have a chat and develop a friendship. So we drive up, say our prayer, then head out the car to her house. We round the corner and we see that her car isn't in the drive which means she isn't home. My companion gets discouraged as we walk up the driveway to post a note on her door. I said, "Sister! We need to be more faith-filled! Just believe that her car will drive up any second!" Guess what happened. Not even one minute later her car was parked in the drive way and we were being let in to her home. Coincidence? I think not! 

We went to teach one of our investigators with a baptism date last week, whom I am very excited for because she is just so lovely! Anyways, she expressed her enthusiasm to get baptised and told us that she even went online shopping for a baptism dress and she bought one! It should ship in next month! I was so happy! That means she is serious about being baptised because she has already bought a dress. Well, that is what I think at least! On Sunday we drove with this investigator to church, she is a Chinese student and has only just switched her Chinese licence to an Australian one. She asked us to drive with her to church because she doesn't feel comfortable driving alone yet, so we did (anything to get her to church!). Honestly, it was kind of scary. I don't feel comfortable with her driving alone either! Luckily she was light-hearted about it and we all had a laugh. On the way home from church she drove us plus another one of our investigators and she was very quiet and seemed strained. I asked her why and she said in her broken English, "SO MANY LIVES!". She was nervous because she was responsible for our lives, it was so sweet and funny. 

I feel like in every email I talk about food, oh well. Last week the Young Woman's president ordered us two pizzas to our flat! We were very excited, I know it seems simple, but we like simple and it was a nice dinner. 

Last week I went on a trade-off to Murray Bridge, about 1.5 hours away. It was a pretty good trade-off. I was with Sister Abonales from the Philippians. She is very funny and a great missionary! We went over to a members house for dinner and the family was from Samoa. They had eleven children! The house was packed and full of life and laughter! They made the best food and gave us lots of left overs! I had the left overs for breakfast and lunch the next day and we still had food left over. Sooooo good. 

On Monday this week one of our investigators called us early in the morning during our studies because she had an experience she was so excited about. She said that she woke up and noticed that one of her pictures of Jesus comforting a child had fallen off the wall. So she picked it up and went to slip it into her Book of Mormon until she had time to stick it back up. The Book of Mormon fell open to 3 Nephi 11 and her eyes went straight to verses 37 & 38: "And again I say unto you, ye must repent, and become as a little child, and be baptised in my name, or ye can in nowise inherit these things. And again I say unto you, ye must repent, and be baptised in my name, and become as a little child or ye can in no wise inherit the kingdom of God." She was so excited and told us that obviously God wants her to be baptised. Just the day before on Sunday we were talking about baptism in Gospel Principles Class and she said in front of everyone that she wants to be baptised (which is the first time we have heard that!). That was a cool experience and hopefully we will have her on date sometime next week!

This Monday I woke up sick. My throat was really sore and I couldn't breathe through my nose but I sucked it up (not literally) and went out to work. I got worse and worse throughout the day. In the evening Sister Funaki decided she wanted to go door knocking (which I don't enjoy) on Tongan Way because she just liked the name (her parents are Tongan). So we are knocking, in the dark, windy, cold weather while I am sick having doors closed and everyone taking one look at our badges and saying, "No, not interested." I was getting not just discouraged but fed up and sour. In my head the whole time I was thinking: "Door knocking is such a waste of time, it never works, I am sick and tired, my throat hurts, why are people so mean, we should just go contact some other way, DOOR KNOCKING NEVER WORKS, etc." 

We were approaching our last door when I ask Sister Funaki if she has ever had success from a door knock, and she said yes and listed of two names. I was thinking, "yeah only 2 people in 17 months..." We walked up to this door and a man answered. We introduced ourselves and we asked if he has a faith himself. He said no, but recently he has seen the need for one. He goes on to say how he has been searching, going to different churches and seeing that they all teach different things, he has also been taking meditating classes but nothing seems to fit his fancy so to say. He then asked us if we have anything for him to read, so we gave him a restoration pamphlet, got his phone number, and we were invited back to teach him and his family. We walk away in silence and once we get into the street, I said, "Okay Heavenly Father, I get it, it does work." I was humbled by that experience and I will never say door knocking doesn't work again. If it wasn't for missionaries door knocking I wouldn't be here because both sides of my family were found because of door knocks. Oh silly me! 

I have been sick since Monday, it is now Thursday. I have a sinus infection. It was its worst on Tuesday, I was achy and we thought it was the flu. I had to stay in the flat most of the day. I haven't improved because I haven't had too much time to recover. I went out proselyting for a few hours yesterday but then we had to come home. I shouldn't be around people spreading my sickness. I went to the temple today though because we only get to go once a transfer if you are serving in Adelaide. I didn't want my companion to miss out because of me, but it was hard and I suffered and coughed the whole time. Prayers would be appreciated as I need them and don't want this to last longer than a week. I need to get to work! 

This is all I have time for. 

I love you all and miss you!
Sister Coultrup
PS. Stay faith filled!

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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