Friday, 31 July 2015

Backyard Blitz & Sprinkles...

G'day Family and Friends! 

Not too much has happened since I last emailed you on Thursday. I am still sick, going on a week now. We didn't get to do much because this infection hit me hard and the office didn't want me out of the flat spreading it around. 

This weekend though was our ward conference. Saturday morning most of the ward participated in the "Backyard Blitz", going around doing peoples gardening, weeding, etc. It was raining and cold. I, being sick, sat in the car and studied while my companion helped with the gardening. I felt really bad and kept offering to help but I was locked in the car so my recovery didn't go backwards.

That evening we had a ward activity, we had two of our investigators come! One is a new, we only started teaching him two weeks ago! It was so cool to have him come, I was nervous praying that he would have a good time. Sister Funaki and I were in charge of an activity so we were stuck in a room the whole time and couldn't watch him. That was a good activity though. 

This morning was transfer calls. Today is the start of my second transfer. There was a very good chance Sister Funaki and I were going to be split up because there are some awkward circumstances surrounding the lack of Sister Training Leaders. It is a long story, but basically it wasn't very likely we would be staying together. Which scared me because I realised how much I needed my trainer for one more transfer! I still feel like I have lots to learn and I did not want to be separated and I did not want to leave this area either! So I prayed and prayed and even fasted for it on Sunday and we got calls this morning and.... We are both staying!!! YAY! I am beyond happy and so is Sister Funaki, at least she seems to be, she could be pretending and wishing she got rid of her crazy companion, but oh well, she is stuck with me for another six weeks! (Her last six weeks) Mwahahaha! Praying works! That is my simple testimony, praying works! Prayer doubled with fasting brings miracles, I have seen it in the form of a healthy, living little brother! 

We are planning to hit the ground running this transfer, and expecting great things to happen in the weeks to come! 
I wish I had more to say but too much hasn't been going on, I promise something better next week! 

The photo is from the Ward Conference Activity. Those are the Elders and the Ward Mission Leaders wife counting out individual sprinkles for a "Guess how many sprinkles" activity! Such concentration! 

I love you all!
Sister Coultrup
(aka Sister Cool)

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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