Tuesday, 1 December 2015

G'day mates!

Transfer logistics:

Sister Vaitaiki: Remaining
Sister Reyes: Remaining
Sister Coultrup:...Remaining!

We are ALL staying together for another transfer! I am SO happy! I love my companions, and this area. YAY! I get to spend Christmas here! I have been in this area for so long now. By the end of this next transfer I would have served here for 7.5 months.

This week was a rough week. One of those weeks where NO one is home. NO one wants to see us. NO one is interested. So lame! We also had another investigator, Luke, back out of his baptism only 3 hours before his interview. Even more lame! The Lord is really testing me and my patience!

Enough with the negative we found a new investigator this week! She is so lovely and we had a great first lesson with her. She even said the closing prayer in the first lesson. I was very happy about that! She was also pleased to hear that we are all staying. She said she prayed that none of us would be transferred. When we texted her this morning to let her know none of us will be leaving she said: "It worked..." YES! Prayer works! :-)

                                          Christmas care package for my companions and I

We had a Christmas Relief Society activity which we went to because everyone brought a non-member friend or two. It was a great activity. We all had Christmas dinner, the decorations were beautiful and we watched a video the RS president put together called "A Silent Christmas". It was lovely and really brought the Spirit into the room.

We also had a Stake Christmas play. The Nativity, with musical numbers dotted in between. It was great, some guy sang "O Holy Night" and I cried. I love that Christmas hymn sooo much and his voice was incredible.

                                                     I found a guitar!  It's been so long!

One day this week during our morning study, there was a knock at the door. We all looked at each other puzzled. Who would knock on our door? We don't get visitors... Immediately I thought, oh no. It must be the office missionaries, they came to surprise inspect our flat! But they just did it last week. All of us were scared to answer the door, so I ended up doing it and the man quickly handed me a few grey bags then ran away before I could say thank you.

I looked at the note on the bags and it said: Angela Coultrup! I squealed and we all ran to the kitchen and ripped open the bags like it was Christmas. My Mum sent us some goodies and it was the best surprise care package EVER. It made my entire day! Thank you again Mum for that! It was so lovely to receive some of my favourite things!

I am so excited to be staying in this area. The companions and I have decided we are just going to do heaps of tracting and finding. We need to find new people to teach.

Today is November 30, 2015. I come home November 30th, 2016. See you all in exactly one year!

Love from down under,

Sister Coultrup


Stake Christmas play called Hearts towards Bethelehem.
An investigator and I with her guitar.
A recent convert and I, both with awesome braided hair by Sister V.
My Mum's street and I.
Me walking across Abbey Road.
The goodies and I.

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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