Monday, 16 November 2015

Satan's Blood

G'day Family and Friends!
This week was a really great week!

This week we had one of our former investigators text us. I haven't seen him since beginning of last transfer, he just dropped off the map and we couldn't get in touch with him. But he texted us and straight forwardly said he wants to be baptized. We saw him the next day and he told us he has still been praying and when things got really hard he read the Book of Mormon. We set a date with him for his baptism. He has a history of being flakey, so I was a little skeptical. He said he would come to church, which he has never been the whole time I have been in this area. But he came this Sunday! It was nice to see him follow through with that commitment and he said he would come next week. It seems he has had a change of heart. Also Ann had her baptism interview this weekend, she was dressed like a Sister missionary! She was so excited as well and everytime we see her she tells us that she is excited. She is being baptized this week, November 21. It was so nice to see investigators really desire to come unto Christ.

I went on trade offs this week! I was left in this area with a brand new Sister, she has only been out for 4 weeks. My other two companions got to go to the city for the day and work there. I was so jealous! But nevertheless, I had a great time and this Sister taught me a lot. We became good friends!
Yesterday, the Sisters and I jumped in the car and started on our way to church. It was early morning, since Onkaparinga ward starts at 9. As we drove down our street I looked to my right and there were HEAPS of ducks everywhere! So I took a picture. Looks like they were having their own little Sunday gathering! 

This week I got to see our two male recent converts participate in the Sacrament ordinances, one blessed and the other passed. It was amazing to witness their progression!
A few weeks ago, I think I forgot to say, but I did something really silly. My Ward Mission Leader has this thing called Satan's blood. It is a derivative of some super spicy chili pepper thingy. The challenge is to have a single drop on your tongue. He dips a tooth pick in the Satan's blood and VERY lightly touches your tongue with it. I have seen videos of previous missionaries running around looking for anything to soften the blow of heat, Elders crying, and so on. They have NEVER had a Sister try it before. Me being stupid thought HA I WILL BE THE FIRST SISTER. My companions agreed to join me! It was horrible! So spicy I kept coughing and there was no relief. We had cucumbers and I ate all the cucumber to try and cool it down. It was painful! Not cool! I was a wimp back home and wouldn't even try the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazing Challenge but I did this! I turned red and Brother Watts said that is the most colour I have ever seen on your face! I took a video, maybe you will get to see me suffer sometime soon. 

Being District Sisters is hard work but I think I have gotten the hang of it. (I probably shouldn't say that because no doubt another challenge will be thrown my way). We just have to plan very wisely, and also plan travel time as well, if we didn't we would always be late. Also we have to be sure that we are counting our Ks and don't go over. But everything seems to work out which is good :-)
The work is great, I LOVE being a missionary! The church is true!
Also I bought a mini didgeridoo, prepare for me to come back a master didg player.
With love from Down Under,
Sister Coultrup

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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