Monday, 2 November 2015

Reverse Trick or Treating


First off I apologize if this is really short, I will type like the wind!

This week was crazy. First off, we decided (or I decided) to buy pumpkins last Pday so I can teach my companions how to carve one. Neither of them have ever celebrated Halloween before and my heart broke. You all know how much I love Halloween. So we gutted them that Pday and we decided to go over to our recent converts the next day and we all carved our pumpkins. It was a great time. Halloween is not big here in Australia at all.

Then Sister V got really sick this week. We visited lots of doctors and stayed in the flat so she could recover and survive.

We had a lesson with one of our investigators who has been struggling to commit to coming to church and baptism. She was meant to be baptized last month but she dropped the date. Anyways, we committed her to come to last weeks church on Sunday. I told her to pay attention to how her week goes, I said that Heavenly Father will bless her with a great week for coming to church and that he will every week that she does come to church. She agreed she would and we followed up with that this week. I asked her how her week went and she said, "You know what, this week was actually a really nice week for me..." Then she went on to explain all the reasons why her week was great compared to the ones previous when she hadn't gone to church. I then asked her why she thought her week was so good. She said, "because I went to church and I also read some of the Book of Mormon this week." I was SO HAPPY. YAY! It fills me with great joy when people can recognize when God is following through with promised blessings! The Spirit was strong and continued to tell us how she is feeling very confident and wants to reset her baptism date for this month! We are so excited and it strengthened my testimony to see Heavenly Father follow through with a promise, which he always does I just need to have a little more faith. Sabbath Day observance is so important. The Apostles and Prophet have been stressing this topic for a while. I know that we will all receive individually designed blessings from our Father in Heaven when we follow his commandments, one being keeping the Sabbath Day holy.

This Halloween one of my companions ideas was to "trick or treat" at members houses and our recent converts houses, but with a twist. We give THEM Chocolate with a note and scriptures that will uplift them. She would sing: "Trick or Treat, Halloween, Here is something good to read!" So we did that and it was enjoyable and all the members appreciated it.

That is all for now! Hope  you have a wonderful week.

Ps. Found a baby Huntsman Spider at church behind a glass window. *shudder*


Sister Coultrup
Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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