Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I Have Hit Two Decades

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G'day from Aus,

Tomorrow is Australia Day (January 26th)! Happy Australia Day! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!

It has been a great week. On Pday we had a zone activity where I got to see my old district and we all had a BBQ and they sang Happy Birthday to me. That was fun. I was grateful to see my friends.

It was one of those weeks where no one really wants to see you and no one is that interested. But that is okay, because weeks like this happen. In and out of the mission. You just have to keep pressing forward with faith and with a smile.

I got my haircut. Mum will be happy. It was down to my bum it got so long. It has been really chopped short. I know that is not the most exciting news for everything else but I know Mum will be pleased.

Me and my new companion Sister Freitas the only Brazilian in the mission

After district meeting this week, which was the day before my actual birthday, the district wanted to take me to see the mysterious "Bunyip" for my birthday. Now, I have heard lots about this Bunyip and no one would tell me what it is other than it is the main attraction of Murray Bridge. I asked if it is half bunny half turnip. But no. It was this silly monster thing. It is massive cage with a dark pool of water. You put one dollar in and this sea monster comes up growling and shaking the cage. It does that three times then turns off. "Is that it?" I asked and everyone laughed. They made such a big deal out of the lamest thing. The Bunyip is a myth from the aboriginals around the Murray River. They believed this sea monster lived in the river and called it the Bunyip. It reminds me off the Ogopoggo and Nessie.

 On my birthday Brother and Sister Watts from Happy Valley drove up to Murray Bridge (1.5 hours)and took Sister Freitas and I out for dinner to Fasta Pasta. They also brought Bianca and Wenjin with them as a surprise. I was so pleased. It made my entire day. It is the company of people you love that make any occasion special. I am very grateful for that. Also later that night at like 10 when we were getting ready for bed, Sister Freitas brought out sparklers! We played with some sparklers out side to celebrate and lit my cake my parents sent me. :)

birthday celebration

We have these two part member families in our area that we are working with at the moment. We are trying to get their marriage papers in so baptisms can follow shortly after. The marriages will hopefully be happening in the next 2 months. So I will get to attend some weddings out here! Yay!

On Sunday we went to the Samoan families house for lunch after Sunday (which we do every Sunday.. SO MUCH FOOD!). The whole family (half the ward) was there. After lunch they brought out this Canadian cake that said "Happy Birthday Sister Coultrup!" on it! I was so surprised! They put candles in it and sang to me. Even though they barely know me they made an effort to make a missionary happy. It definitely did make me happy. It was the coolest cake I have ever had.

awesome cake

It has been a great week where I have felt the love. Especially when I opened my email today and got lots of Happy Birthdays! Thank you! The work is great, we have our car back!!! The Elders have been given a car because the Elder with the Spider bite can't bike until his arm is fully healed from surgery. Everyone is calling him Spiderman. OH! Also the Elders baked us a cake out of cookie mix and dropped it off. It was... nice... Bless them for trying! :) 

Some members dropped off a massive order of Macdonalds. Just to help my Bum be even more massive.

feeding the missionaries

The picture of me in the middle of nowhere is our area. "Welcome to the middle of nowhere Australia!"

middle of nowhere

Have a great week everyone, I know I will! Lovin' the work!

Sister Coultrup

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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