Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Miracle Bridge


I have been transferred to a small town south of Adelaide called Murray Bridge. Lots of dirt roads and such. I drove myself there, we met with our zones at certain times in the morning on tuesday and all split with our new companions immediately and returned to our new areas. We also cover the surrounding even smaller towns like Callington, Mannum, Wellington, etc. Murray Bridge was a branch just about a year ago and has only recently been turned into a ward. The ward is about 70% Samoan. During the hymns yesterday I was blown away because they sing so powerfully! I thought it was just a rumour, but it is true! Murray Bridge is named Murray Bridge because we have a massive river named the Murray River that runs right through it and there is a huge bridge over it. We have to cross the bridge to get to church.
My new companion is Sister Freitas (Fray-tas) from Brasil. She is the only Brasilian in the mission. She only just finished her training, so we are learning the area together. We have a lot in common and just this week we have worked really well together so I am excited for the transfer.

Me and my new companion

The area really needs a refresher. We only have one progressing investigator, so we have decided to find like crazy. The hard thing about being in such a small town is every single door has been knocked and everyone already knows the missionaries. But, even though that is the case it was a week of miracles.

It's beautiful

The first experience we had was when we were knocking a street. We were having no luck and it felt useless. So we decided to go back to the car and pray and ask if we were in the right place, if we should continue knocking or go somewhere else. When we got into the car I tried to turn it on so that we could pray with A/C because it was about 35 degrees. The key would not turn. It felt stuck. So I took it out and put it back in and tried to turn it again. Would not budge. I tried many different things, even my companion tried and the key would not budge. Sister Freitas looked at me with wide eyes and recounted a story from just the previous week. Her and her past companion were walking back to the car when she saw someone and she felt impressed to go talk to that person. Her companion got into the car and she said a prayer in her heart that said, "If you want me to go back and talk to that person make the car not work. Make it stop right now." The car at the time worked, so she took that as her answer and they drove away. As she told me this I felt the need to get out of the car. We said a prayer and continued to knock the street. (Kinda had to since the car would not work haha). We ended up finding two people who scheduled return appointments with us. If we had just walked away because it felt useless, we would have never found those two people. When we got back to the car when we finished the street I put the keys in, and they turned.

Ready to hit the roads

Another experience from this week. Our new district leader was bitten by a White tip spider. They are deadly and the poison eats away at your flesh. He had to be taken to the hospital in Adelaide and to get there they needed our car because they don't have one. We expected they would be back later that day. They stayed the rest of the week in the hospital and he had surgery. In fact, they are still there as I type this. So what does that mean for me? Bikes. All day, everyday. We biked in 40 degree heat all day these past 4 days. It was... great. Because we both have no idea where we are going we attached the GPS to my bike! We called it the Bat Bike.
Yesterday we were biking to an appointment and a guy in a car slowed down beside us and yelled, "ARE YOU THE JEHOVAHS?!" I yelled back, "NO, WE ARE MORMONS!" He had no idea who the Mormons were, he pulled over and asked us what the difference was. I showed him the Book of Mormon and explained this is the main difference between us and all the religions. It is another testament of Jesus Christ. He was very interested and we will be having our first lesson with him next Saturday!

 There were many more little miracles throughout the week. Heavenly Father answered my prayer by showing me why I am here. There is work for me to do and I cannot wait to see what this transfer has in store for me!

I love you all,

Sister Coultrup

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