Thursday, 18 February 2016

Many Meetings and Temple Visit


Pday changed this week because we were able to go to the temple today! (Thursday) I have not been in so long, it was a great experience. I really missed it.

These past two weeks have gone by so quick. This Monday is transfers, so I will find out what is happening. I have a feeling something might change, but I just got here to Murray Bridge so I think it could be Sister Freitas leaving.

Last week we had Zone Training which was awesome. I always learn so much and get excited to go back out and do the work. On the way there the district stopped on the top of Mt. Lofty and took a picture, you can see all of Adelaide to the Ocean, it is beautiful.

We then went on tradies and I got to be with my ex companion Sister Vaitaiki again! Wow that was the best ever. We had a really great time, she is such a laugh I forgot how funny she is. I was hoping I would get to go back to Happy Valley on tradies but I stayed in Murray Bridge, which was a little more than disappointing because I really wanted to see some of my old investigators and recent converts.

We found a new investigator last week. She is 20 years old, like me! She is very cool (like me again) and is studying video game design. She has committed to come to church and we had a great first lesson with her. We will see where things go.

We visited a less active and did some service for her. She also taught us how to make sushi and a fancy cake in 15 minutes. It was awesome.

We having been biking heaps because we basically have no ks left because we have been going to Adelaide for lots of meetings and interviews. I got a flat tire and the Elders came to the rescue and patched it. Sister Freitas' chain fell off and I thanked my Dad in my mind for basically raising me on a bike and teaching me how to re-attach a chain. My hands were all greasy and black afterwards but that is okay, it's war paint. We have been biking in above 35 degrees weather and it is painful, but I should stop complaining, I am lucky I even have a bike! Some miseries don't!

In District Meeting yesterday, our District Leader got up and said:

"Alright, you are all dying today at 3pm. What would you do with your final hours as a missionary on Earth? Are there people back home you wished you had shared the gospel with? Well here is a piece of paper, you have ten minutes to share with them everything that you want them to know."

I took that piece of paper and put my whole heart on it!!! I was so excited to send it because it was the best letter ever. Then he started talking about how in week 6 (which is this week) lots of missionaries slack off because they think, "ahh it is the last week and we can start all over again next week." He then took all of our letters and said "when you do this you are wasting your time and the Lords time. You are wasting your testimony, you are basically doing this..." THEN HE TOOK OUR LETTERS AND RIPPED THEM ALL APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so upset! I put everything into that letter. But, he had a good point and it really shocked all of us.

I love you all. Don't waste your time, you could die today at 3pm. Who do you know that needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Who do you know that you have been meaning to share your testimony with but have been putting it off? Go and do it today!


Sister Coultrup

Ps. I drew that Plan of Salvation during a lesson.

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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