Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Staying in Murray Bridge


I don't have too much to say, since I only emailed a few days ago. It has been a miraculous week. Everyone says, "Sixth week sprint, sixth week sprint, sixth week sprint!" (Chant). But every week six something has happened to slow us down, I get sick or my companion gets sick or no one wants to see us. But it was a great week. We found 4 new investigators. 3 of which are a family of 6, but most of the children are under the age of eight so they don't count as new investigators. It is an African family. We expected just to teach the mother, but she called all of her children into the living room and they all gathered around us as we taught the restoration and testified of prophets. It was a lovely experience, it kind of felt like a family home evening.

We received news last night about transfers. Both Sister Freitas and I will be remaining in Murray Bridge for the next transfer. Which is very exciting because we have a wedding of our investigator this week then she will be getting baptized the week following, so neither of us wanted to miss it. This transfer will be a short 4 week transfer so that they can realign the transfers with the MTC transfers, because at the moment we are two weeks ahead. So this transfer is going to fly by, even quicker than the last.
Every Sunday after church we are invited to the Samoan family's house, everyone from their extended family in the ward gathers there and they have a massive Sabbath feast. We are always invited to partake of this feast. (I am not exaggerating when I say feast, the whole table from end to end is full of meat, curries and salads). Then afterwards we have a lesson with our recent converts from that family and a lesson with our investigator who is getting married this weekend.

This week I have noticed the blessings that come from biking. God really places people in our paths. When we are in the car we drive by those who are prepared. We also drive by many funny experiences like people yelling at you and telling you to get a real job. It is pretty fun. Anyways, President has decided that the whole mission needs to bike more and is lowering the K allotment for each companionship so we don't drive as much.

Hope everyone is doing well. Here's to a new transfer!

Sister Coultrup


Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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