Monday, 8 February 2016

Saved More Than Once


Last week P-day we went 10 pin bowling. I love bowling and I was so excited! I did okay, my skills have gotten a little rusty, I used to be very good. Not so much anymore.

We went to Tailem Bend this week and decided to drop by this less active family in the area book. Sister Freitas said she has never visited them before and doesn't know when the last time they were visited. We were immediately let in. The first thing the Dad said was that they have not been to church or associated with the church in over 20 years. The wife isn't a member and their two daughters, near my age, were not taught about a Father in Heaven. We were able to develop a relationship. I saw on the shelf all 9 seasons of the X-Files so it was pretty easy to build a friendship. I asked if they would be comfortable for us to share a scripture with them, they said yes, so we did. When it was time to go we asked if we could say a prayer, they said yes and that their daughters have never even heard a prayer before. We left in shock but also so pleased we were able to meet that family and hopefully remind them of the joy that comes from following Christ and prayer. It was a great experience for me to be a part of that, and to also introduce this side of life to the daughters.

We had dinner with the Bishops family which was great, afterwards one of the daughters brought out this massive leaf bug that is indigenous to Queensland. It is her "pet" named Bugsy. I was terrified, it was reaching out with its leafy arms for someone to climb on. I was brave and HELD IT. They took it from me as soon and I began to squeal because it was so creepy.

We had a day where nothing was working. No one was home, the referrals the Elders gave us were the wrong addresses... Everything was rough that day. We decided to follow up with one more person the Elders told us to visit, expecting it was another dodgy referral. When she opened the door she was so happy to see us and friendly and invited us back. She said she has always wanted to know more about this side of life as she never grew up with it. That one moment of the whole day made everything worth it. Heavenly Father knows where He is sending us and He knows how hard the days are, so when He sends us little miracles like that, I know He is mindful.

We were having a lesson with an investigator. As we were talking about the Book of Mormon, she tells me to shush and looks alert like she is listening. She says, "wait, an argument." She sneaks off to the back and watches out the back door. Her sons were having this massive argument with the neighbours. They were threatening to come in and beat them and their mum up. Everything suddenly got very scary and I did not feel safe. I felt the urge to run (fight or flight). Our investigator came back to us looking very worried and said, I am so glad you are here, If you weren't here I would be hiding. She sat down and I offered to say a prayer to protect us. We prayed and asked for protection and comfort. Immediately my heart settled and felt calm. I sat there knowing that everyone would be allright. The sons were able to get the scary people away and they got us out of the house safely and kept saying, "Sorry Mormons, sorry Mormons."

We went to go door knock a very Rural  area. One was a small farm. We were just walking through the gate when Sister Freitas asked what the weird vent thing was on the ground. I said those are for cattle so they don't escape because they cannot go over it. As we walked over it I looked up to the porch and saw this massive black guard dog, (with what seemed like evil red eyes) staring us down. As soon as we both went silent and stared back at it, it began to charge, barking and coming right at us. Sister Freitas yelled, "don't run!" I ran anyway... stupid. But as soon as I crossed the barrier vent on the ground I felt safe. The dog could not cross just like the cattle. We were so lucky. It was a massive evil dog.

We went to a missionary fireside last night with our investigator and her boyfriend (who is a member). They plan on getting married at the end of this month and her baptism is the following week. She went up to the Stake President and Mission President and personally invited them both to her wedding and baptism. She was so excited! I can't wait. Lots of good things are happening.

Hope you all have a really great week.

Love you

Sister Coultrup

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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