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The City Never Sleeps

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Hope everyone is well! I am exhausted!! I was thinking of the song "The City" by Ed Sheeran and changed the words a bit. There is no time for breaks with City Missionaries there is so much to do we barely get time to eat. We skip lunch a lot and dinner now and then too. The bikes are really hard, I feel like I say that every week, must mean I am really out of shape. But it is getting easier, so that must mean I am getting stronger! Sister Taufa is a biking machine!
Some more info about my new area: I am in Prospect ward, it has about 160 active members. It is very diverse in culture, lots of Chinese (which are pretty much all recent converts). There are 16 missionaries in the ward (8 sets). I have never heard of a ward having that many missionaries before. I was shocked. It is a really great area. I am loving the City. The City area basically means we are always downtown, we proselyte all around the universities and around the big business buildings, just like Calgary. Adelaide is very similar to Calgary.

Wish we had a library like this in Calgary

 This Sunday one of the Elders had a baptism of a Chinese man. He told a really cool story. He went to the USA about a year ago and had no idea where he was, all he knew was where he needed to go. He was walking around aimlessly completely lost. Until a man pulled over and told him to get in the car and he can trust him. He got in the car and the man said he would take him where ever he needed to go. The Chinese man was very grateful and asked how he could repay him. The driver said, "You don't need to pay me anything. Just remember that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." He remembered and got baptized this Sunday.

The Sistas

I do not have that much time left. I will talk more next week and I don't think I can send pictures this week either because these library computers don't work well.

Hope you all have a great week. I love you!

Sister Coultrup

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