Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Emergency Transfer

Hello Everyone,

Bethany didn't have much time to write this week, so her mother (me) will be writing her blog.

Three weeks into her new area a shock came one night when she and her companion were informed that Sister Taufa was to be emergency transfered to Golden Grove the next morning.  Sister Siale from Golden Grove would be moving to the city to take her place.  They were all more than a little upset and emotional as the work was going great and Bethany and Sister T had become fast friends.  Bethany was also very nervous about taking over the area after only 3 weeks and not knowing it very well yet, and she doesn't know anyone in the Ward yet.  However, duty calls.

The reason for the transfer is that Sister Siale had a stalker.  The office had to find a new flat for the sisters in the Golden Grove area and get Sister S out of there quickly.  That's all I know about the stalker situation.  Bethany says the first couple of days were hard but a week later they are adjusting to the situation and she gets along well with Sister Siale.

Personally, I think she will be just fine. She's pretty resilient.  Get the map out and find and teach, find and teach...

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