Monday, 18 July 2016

Dromedaries and the Elect


This week Sister Maea has been teaching me how to speak like and Aussie and a Kiwi. I am terribly bad at it. But I have gotten fairly decent at Chinese and I can introduce myself as a missionary and what we do! Pretty cool. Funny how I come to Australia but I end up teaching mostly Asians.

Took our Brazilian RM to Victor Harbour
So on Monday Sister Maea biffed it on her bike. She was so lucky she fell onto the sidewalk and not the other way into traffic. She misjudged the curb and saw me go up, but went too early and fell. She scratched up her face and everything, but she is doing fine now. Just a bit gimpy and limpy but she is a tough cookie. That same evening we had two appointments in the suburbs, for some reason I decided to take the longer way to one persons house. After I had started going that way I was wondering why I was but kept going. We passed one of our investigators houses on the way and there was an ambulance outside. We then knew why we went a certain way. We were able to help out and keep them calm. My testimony continues to strengthen of the Spirit leading us and perfect timing.

Can you tell we're excited?
Something Sister Maea and I noticed in the City is this past week people seemed to be staring at their phones even more that usual! We looked at everyone's screen as we passed them and they were all on the same app. I asked someone what is was they were playing. Pokémon Go. Because I have no access to any social media and the internet, except for email I have no idea how big it has gotten but it looks massive. People wander around the City just trying to catch Pokémon. We were contacting these three Taiwanese guys and one of them just wandered away. I asked his friends if he was scared of us, and they said, "Oh no he is playing Pokémon, he is walking around trying to find them, see?" I looked and there is Jarvis staring at his phone wandering around looking for Pokémon. I laughed so hard. Sister Maea and I know their little jingle but change the words and say, "We gotta contact them all!" (We gotta catch them all) How hilarious, the Pokémon industry is probably laughing all the way to the bank.

The Elders found a Chinese young lady and set up an appointment with us. We met her and she also brought a friend. They were so excited and as soon as we taught them to pray, they prayed right there. We asked one of them how she felt while praying for the first time. She clutched her chest and said, "I feel powerful magic in my heart." How adorable? With the limited English that she knew she was able to identify the Spirit and explain how it felt to her. We saw them later on in this week and told us that they have prayed several times everyday since we met them. 

I love the ocean

Remember the miracles happen lady? We got to meet with her yesterday. She was telling us how her husband passed away a few months ago and how it has really affected her. We were able to testify of how families can be together forever. A concept she has never heard of before. She was so happy she began to weep. The Spirit was so strong and she said "I think I met you just so I can know I can be with my family again."

I too am so grateful to have the knowledge that families can be together forever! Physical death is only a temporary separation. It brings
great peace and joy knowing I will get to see everyone again. I want everyone to know this!

saw some camels

Sister Coultrup

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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