Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Packing Up...

Here goes the transfer information:
Sister Maea, remaining in City North West, Sister Training Leader.
Sister Coultrup, packing, moving to City East, Portable Visitors Center Sister.
I am really sad that I am leaving Prospect ward, and all of our beautiful investigators! So many will be baptized this month, and I will miss it... Or maybe not! Being a PVC Sister means I travel the mission and take the PVC to different events. Apparently I will also be working in the office a lot.  So hopefully I can attend those baptisms. It has been such a great time in Prospect and I have seen much progression here in many ways. But I guess the Lord thinks my work here is done and it is time to move on. I know someone else is in need of me. And I will go where He wants me to. My new companion is from Texas! My first American! I have never had a companion from the Northern Hemisphere! Her name is Sister Townsend. So happy I am still in the CITY! Blessed.

This week has been great. We were able to get two more baptism dates. It is so great to see the hard work trickle down by the end of the transfer. When you start to see results it feels great. Our investigator Yan has been coming to church every single week! Which is awesome! She really loves it, she says it feels different and so much better than other churches she has been to. She loves the fact that we have members of the congregation give talks rather than just have the Bishop do it.

The past couple weeks I was really unwell with a sinus infection, which is why I did not have a blog post last week, sorry! But I am doing better now. It is from all the biking in the pouring rain and always being wet and cold. But it is August now so hopefully the Winter will come to a speedy end.
We have also been visiting a sick lady from our ward in the hospital this past week. We were able to also have a visit with her inactive husband which was a miracle. We were able to get him talking about his past good experiences he has had in the church, like getting sealed in the temple.

We had a lunch with an investigator named Shirley. She came to church with one of her friends and we started teaching her from there. I showed her a picture of the Calgary Temple and she said she has seen one like it before, here in Adelaide! And her friend has even talked to her about the temple. She was very interested and said she wants to go and see it. So we are taking her (maybe not me since I am being transferred..) on a temple tour this week! We were also able to commit her to baptism. Fruits everywhere!

I look forward to what this next transfer brings! I pray that all may go well and that I can discover what the Lord needs of me in this new area. Take care.
Sister Coultrup

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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