Wednesday, 5 October 2016



It has been a great few days since I emailed last.

This past weekend we had a baptism! Niki was baptized. She is amazing. We met her and then she went to China for a month. When she came back we called her and were able to set up an appointment right away. Since then we have been seeing her multiple times every week and within a month she has been baptized! She readily accepted everything that we shared with her. She was very receptive to the Spirit and our lessons with her were always very special because of what she contributed. She is already a missionary. Even before she was baptized she was fellowshipping our other investigators at church and explaining things to them. This past Sunday right after she was confirmed she explained what baptism was in Chinese to our other investigator and told her, "You feel so much peace, and you are clean! It is like joining a big family, you should do it!" She is already inviting others to baptism. It is such a testimony builder to me to see these very recent converts and their excitement for the gospel and to share it with others.

 It was a beautiful service. We had one of the Elders recent converts baptize Niki. He was very nervous and rehearsed everything a billion times. He did an amazing job, flawless. When she came up out of the water she exclaimed, "I'm clean!" and continued, "I feel so much peace, more than I ever have before."

These past few days the apocalypse storm has continued but has been less of a terror and just more of a nuisance. Constant rain and hail. But we press forward and miracles are wrought! We met this wonderful man street contacting in the city on the weekend. He was just amazed that there were female missionaries. He had only seen the Elders before. He thought it was so cool! One of his great friends is a member as well, so he was very excited to tell him that he met us. We had a great conversation with him and ended up teaching many principles of the gospel and we gave him a Book of Mormon. He has read the Bible and other religious texts but never the Book of Mormon. The next day the mans member friend's family came and talked to us about him saying he contacted them and told them all about the chat he had with two sisters.

baptisms are the best!
Yesterday we saw our deaf investigator. Some really incredible things happened! Just keep in mind that there are no such things as coincidences! In the library at church we have over a hundred old ensigns and on Sunday the librarian was nice enough to randomly give one to Tanya. It was just a random choice. When we came over she had the ensign open to an article all about the deaf community in the LDS church. Coincidence?! I think not! She was so excited!! Sister T and I were just amazed, we had never read anything about that before and no one had any idea that was in that particular ensign. Out of all the ensigns she could have been given she got the one that related perfectly to her. Also she pulled out the Book of Mormon that we gave her and then another one that was an older edition. The showed us the two comparing them and told us that she found it and remembered that she met some Sisters like us YEARS ago. Like 20 years ago and they gave her a Book of Mormon as well! So cool!

It has been a great week and I look forward to this week. Hope everyone is doing well and is safe. I love you all very much.

A clear sky!

Heaps of Love,

Sister Coultrup

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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