Saturday, 1 October 2016

To the Bridge, Through the Storm, and Back Again


What an eventful week and a half! I am emailing on Thursday because we went to the Temple as a City Zone today! Hurrah! It was amazing as per usual.

Temple Trip!
So, last week we went to the Murray Bride Show! Never thought I would go back there. It was crazy to think that is where I was at the beginning of this year. We took the PVC to the show, we were set up in a little barn sort of thing, lots of other booths with people selling things and there was one other church booth. Outside there was a stage with a band playing and lots of food trucks and rides and games and things. It was pretty cool. It spanned over two days so we stayed with the MB Sisters over night. We were able to talk to many people and have a miracle! 

Don't know if you remember that last week I met someone in the City from Calgary who is actually our neighbour? WELL. I met him and his family AGAIN! In Murray Bridge! He remembered me and we were able to show his family some Mormon messages and we gave him a Book of Mormon in his language and he took all the pamphlets and requested the Elders come and visit them while they are still in Adelaide. And we also got the details for missionaries back in Canada to visit them too! How cool is that? So not a coincidence!

Also this past weekend we started ESL class. Sister Townsend and I are in charge of it, we teach and organize the lessons. We had the first one last Saturday. It was pretty good for the first lesson and this Tuesday we had even more people show up, so that is good that it is growing! I don't really know what I am doing... But I am trying my best, thinking of when I took English in school and how we can use that in the classes. It is really fun though. We play some English games and practice speaking to each other and always have a vocab part of the class too. We teach ESL in the City Teaching Center!

Just the Sisters

Quick funny moment on Sunday.. So I think I have mentioned before we are teaching a deaf lady. So she comes to church every Sunday and we interpret for her. (I have gotten a lot better at Auslan - Australian Sign Language) One of the assistants (we serve in the same ward as the AP's) asked me: "How do you say hello in sign language?" Then I just waved at him. LOL! It was so funny, Sister T and I laugh about it. 

Also on Sunday our investigator Niki had her baptism interview! She is really amazing, our district leader said she is an angel and such a blessing. We have only been teaching her for one month. She is so prepared. This weekend she will be baptized :) 

So yesterday we went on trade offs and it was the most adventurous trade offs I have EVER gone on! We received a text in the morning that apparently there was a massive storm coming in and that we will proselyte as normal until we are notified to return back to the flat. It was (and still is going on) the worst storm in 50 years! So Sister Collins and I were in the City contacting all morning and by afternoon, soaked to the bone. It was so insanely windy as well, everyone was saying it was a cyclone. At around 3pm we were right next to Rundle Mall on King William St and then all of a sudden ALL of the lights went out along the streets. People were screaming! It was like the apocalypse! Lol. We then found out that it wasn't just along the street, but the WHOLE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA was without power! Everyone then started filtering out of their office buildings and trying to catch the buses because all the trains and trams were down. I have never seen the City so busy and in such a panic. All in the mean time everyone is getting pelted with rain.

We still tried to contact even in the midst of this apocalypse. I said to one lady, "We share a special message about how the Church that Jesus Christ had when he was on the Earth has been restored today!" She looked at me frightened and said, "TODAY? LIKE TODAY? IS THAT WHAT ALL THIS IS ABOUT?!" She gestured to the sky and everything and I was like, "Oh nooo I meant in modern day times!" All the power was completely out throughout the state until 4am this morning. Our phone also was not working, we could not send or receive anything. Apparently there was a mission wide text sent out at 7pm telling everyone to get to their flats immediately but we did not get it! And everyone was panicking thinking we were in trouble, but nope, we were just still out trying to work! Then finally the APs got a hold of us and they were like, "Oh finally!!!" all relieved and such and we got home about 8:30pm. The storm is still going on right now, you cannot see the sky everything is just a gray-white. 

Back in Murray Bridge my old area
We did have a miracle in the storm! Our last contact before we headed into the suburbs was a lady holding an umbrella. She graciously offered cover from the storm to us and held her umbrella out so we could all fit. She realized who we were and asked us what our take was on why bad things happen to good people. We were able to testify of God's plan for us, how trials make us stronger and how we have a way to overcome these things through Jesus Christ. She said it was "crazy" that we were talking to her because she has been thinking about this all day because something really terrible happened to her just the day before. We had a great contact and taught about faith in the Lord and his timing. We were able to get her contact information and she wants to see the teaching space! 

So many things happened! I hope everyone has a great week and I also hope no apocalyspe storms happen up in the great white north!

Love you all!

Sister Coultrup

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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