Monday, 17 October 2016


It was a great week! Sister Townsend and I got to travel to Mildura, Victoria and were there for the week. The town was having a show there and we were able to get a booth so we went and set up there! It was a 5.5 hour drive. We just listened to old conference talks most of the time which was great! I had a lot of fun. We were also given a van to travel with because they are more sturdy than the usual mission cars.  The reason?  In case we hit a kangaroo.  Apparently it is very common on road trips and dangerous because they are big and can cause a lot of damage.  Fortunately we drove safely and no "Roos were hurt during our travels.  Sister Townsend used to serve in Mildura earlier in the year, so she was really happy she got to go back. We were invited over for dinner a couple times and we also got to go to church there. It was special. Mildura is beautiful, there are lots of vineyards and orange farms! Most of the people that live there work at the farms picking the fruit.
 The show was over 3 days, Thursday to Saturday, 9am-10pm everyday!!! No way could we do that without any breaks so we had the Mildura Zone Leaders relieve us for lunch and dinner each day. But it was still exhausting.
We met some wonderful people! Many of whom have met the missionaries before or have had the senior couple over. We were placed next to another booth and the people next to us were lovely and we became good friends with them! They were from Adelaide as well which is great and have agreed to a lunch sometime in the city. 
 When we were there we met a man who Sister Townsend had contacted on the street before. He remembered her right away. He is a 70 year old man and has been doing radio his whole life. His radio station was there at the show and he invited us to go on the radio and introduce ourselves and what we do! So during our break we went on the radio. It was a very interesting experience. He asked us where we were from, why we were here, what missionaries do and invited people to come check out our booth at the show!

Also transfers happened, and we are both staying! Sister T is my longest companion, 3 transfers now!
Heaps of love,
Sister Coultrup
Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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