Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Ready, Set, Drive to Mildura!


This week consisted of heaps of finding. We were in the City from 10am-9pm everyday and basically just talked to people all day. It was exhausting but great! We did mini finding trade offs with the other Sisters in the City too throughout the week to change things up a bit so it didn't get too repetitive. 

In front of the museum
This weekend was Remembrance Day. There were beautiful displays all throughout the city. That day was 35 degrees, the hottest day of the season yet! Then all of a sudden randomly, we had a lightening storm, out of nowhere! It just chucked it down! We were soaked to the bone, no jackets or anything. It looked like I just got out the shower! I have never been in a summer storm before! It was WARM rain, and humid, that I actually didn't mind! But it made it really hard to talk to people. 

This looks like a good place to do some finding
In the City on Saturday there was a Christmas Pageant, which basically means parade here in Australia. It was a MASSIVE one! So many people and so many floats! People would line up and save good spots starting at 4am, and the thing didn't start until 9am. When we entered the City it was overflowing with people and they were blasting Christmas music. It was really confusing considering We still have 6 weeks until Christmas. But people were in a Christmasy mood and we could very easily connect that to Jesus Christ. "Oh hey, you like Christmas? Do you know the true meaning of Christmas? Well let me tell you all about it!" 

Dangerous Redback, glad it was dead
This weekend we were surprised by a call from the assistants to the President, and we were told that we were going to Mildura, again! They were having a Fireside and President really wanted us to go and take the display and do a presentation for the people out there. President was out in Mildura too because they just had Specialty training. But they wanted us to go on splits, basically for me to train a new Sister on how to use the displays. So I got to go with Sister Caesar to Mildura. It was a great drive, very beautiful and deserty, as you would expect the bush to look like. But it wasn't full on bush like the NT. In Mildura we did a simple presentation on missionary work in the mission to get the members excited and explained how we can get involved using social media. It was really fun, I love presenting. I used to be really scared thinking. I am just a 20 year old girl and you want me to do a presentation for the whole third hour of church to the whole ward? Or the whole fireside? But now that I have done it a lot I have built confidence and I actually enjoy it. President and Sister Parker had never seen us present before and they loved it too.

Beautiful drive to Mildura
It was a great week, hoping there are no more summer storms and that it actually gets warm.

Heaps of love!!!

Sister Coultrup 

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