Monday, 9 May 2016

It's Raining, It's Pouring...


Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. Things over here are splendid except for the weather. It is officially winter now and it is windy and wet. Which means every day we are soaked from head to toe but there is not that much we can do about it since we are on bikes. While I type this it is pouring right now and you can hear the rain crashing against the windows of the library. Hopefully we will get a teaching space in the City soon because there is no way we can teach in the parks anymore.

bike accident
This week was a pretty good week, despite the fact my companion sprained her ankle! She had a bike accident. We didn't even leave our street we live on and she crashed, hit her head against a parked car then fell to the ground with the bike on top of her. Of course I ran to the rescue like the hero I am, haha just kidding. But I did help her up and we needed to call the Sisters to pick us up because she couldn't walk without me supporting her, so we spent all Friday in the flat with her ankle elevated. She is doing a bit better now but still limping. I have given her the nick name "Sister Limpy" or "Sister Gimpy". She still loves me, haha.
On Pday I dragged my companion to the South Australian Museum which was so cool! It was awesome to see some of the Aboriginal history here in Australia. I see some similarities between them and the Native Americans.  In the end she thought it was all very interesting.


I really enjoyed skyping my family for Mothers Day as well. It is the last time I get to Skype.. Scary.

We received transfer calls last night and Sister Siale and I are remaining, which I am really happy about. She finishes her mission in 30 days because she extended her mission. So I have no idea what will happen to me the last week of the transfer because I will have no companion.

This week we had a special lesson with an investigator who is really struggling personally with depression and things and wants to get better but doesn't have the motivation to do anything. We told her that Christ can heal anything but she has to open her heart and let Him in. Just like that picture of Jesus Christ knocking on the door with no handle. We need to open the door, he won't force Himself in. We also told her that she needs to do her part, she cannot sit back, not pray, not read the scriptures, not come to church and expect things to change.
So we asked,
"Emily (name changed for privacy), do you want the peace and joy that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ?"

"Yes I do!"

"Then you need to decide today to change. Start now, pray every night, read the Book of Mormon and come to church tomorrow. Otherwise things will stay the same." She nods like she is understanding. "Then lets start today, today is a new day, a new beginning for you, the start of a happier more meaningful life!" She was so excited and promised to do everything we asked. She did, and told us all about it the next day at church with a huge smile.

We can do all things, through Christ, who strengthens us.


Love you,

Sister Coultrup
Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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