Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Sometimes they run away from us


It was only just a few days ago I got to email so I am not sure I have that much more to say. It has continued to be slow, everyone is doing their final exams so no one wants to see us. Plus it continues to rain everyday.

Sister Siale asked me to draw a picture of her. All of my companions have asked me to draw them and I always say no. Because I have no time but most of all I don't want to do a bad job and them get offended that I accidently drew them like a potato. Nevertheless, I did it anyways, so she is pretty lucky that I drew her. I will send you a picture of the drawing and you can let me know if the likeness is unto a potato. She is really happy with it. It was really nice to draw again, once I started I couldn't stop, but I had to keep doing a little here and there whenever I would have some spare time over the week.

Nice to draw again, faces are hard
We did a lot of street contacting these past few days because the appointments have been sparse due to what I mentioned earlier, the evil exams. There was two people in one day that did not want to tell us their names. It was so funny, I wish you could all meet Sister Siale because she is crack up. This Chinese student guy wouldn't tell us his name and so she said,

"Oh so you don't have a name?"


"But how do people call you, or talk to you? That must be hard isn't it?"

No response... She continued to talk AT him then he literally starting RUNNING away from us in the other direction, he did this little fake out move and booked it. I turned to Sister Siale and told her she was too scary aha, it was great.

This week will be my last week with my companion before she goes home to Brisbane. She has been teaching me Samoan and I can sing I am a Child of God in Samoan now. It is pretty cool!

The sun came out
I pray for you all and I know that God lives and love us so much. I have felt of His love and continue to feel it everyday. I know that He is mindful of all of us and our individual struggles. He knows us by name and wishes the best for us and wants us to learn and grow and become like Him. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life because it gives me purpose and direction and more happiness than anything else.


Sister Coultrup

Ps. I found a wall that had the answer the everything and the universe written on it.

The answer to everything

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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