Monday, 20 June 2016


Hope everyone is well :)
This week has been all over the place!!! It has been really crazy. I was still with Sister Taylor and Sister Villaneuva this past week, so we continued to work in two areas all week. We would split the days in half. Half day in the City and the rest of the day in their area. Also because we combined sort of, we had heaps of tea appt's! The most I have had, even more than when Sister Siale left.
This week my Aussie Mum and Dad (the Watts) came up to the City and treated us to dinner. It was a great time seeing them again. I am very glad we got to do that!
We had a few great lessons this week, some people working towards the next ordinance (baptism), but there was a sad one where the person chose not to continue to learn. Everyone has their agency, it is just hard especially when you really come to love the person.
There are some big changes in the City! So my new companion is Sister Maea. I have not yet met her, she is probably on the airplane as I type this! Her first area was Alice Springs so she is pretty new and is coming down here. I have heard she is an islander and from New Zealand. So I don't know to much but I am sure it will be great!

They have also added another companionship of Sisters to the City! So we are now called the City North West Sisters and they are the City East Sisters. Because I am the only Sister that knows the City and the rules I was asked to give them a little tour this evening so they can know what they are dealing with. The City is on fire! Best  place in the mission to be right now :) Also the Headquarters now has beautiful artwork all over the walls which it didn't before so it looks a little more finished. 

We had a lesson with a part member family in my area this week. The mother is less active and she has two 9 year old children, a boy and a girl. This time, the boy threw about a million questions our way, lots of them were really deep for a 9 year old and he tried hard to "stump" us. We were able to answer all of  his questions and he expressed some upset that God is not answering his prayers. We asked him what he is asking God for. He is asking for more trash packs? I don't know what that is exactly but I think it is toys. His mum explained that God isn't Santa Claus, he won't just send us toys all the time. We invited him to pray at the end of the lesson and he prayed aggressively... He yelled during the prayer, "WHY WON"T YOU ANSWER MEEEEEEEEE!!!" It was very dramatic and hard not to laugh.. But it also hurt my heart that he was yelling at God like that. Anyways that was an interesting experience I had this week.

I don't have too much to say this week unfortunately. I will catch up with you all next week. Love you all heaps!
Sister Coultrup
Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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