Monday, 27 June 2016

Happy Canada Day!

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G'day Everyone!

So I have my new companion! Her name is Sister Maea, she just came down from Alice Springs, which was her first area. She has been out for four months now and is from New Zealand, but her parents are from the Cook Islands! She is a beautiful Sister, she is so kind and a joy to work with. It has been a lot of fun getting to know her this past week! She also has an incredible voice. 

beautiful new companion

This past week we haven't been in the City a lot because Sister Maea did not yet have a permit to proselyte in the City so we had to go into the suburbs instead, so it has been quite slow lately and we were rained on a lot. This week we had a lot of floods in Adelaide because of the heavy rains. 

We had a ward activity this weekend. It was the Prospect wards annual quiz night. I had a lot of fun there. We were with our recent converts from the ward. There were a lot of geeky questions to do with TV shows, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. There was also a "who can tell the best joke competition" and I told the one about Juan and Amal, which Dad will know. Everyone laughed really hard and I won the extra bonus points for our team. :)

This week is Canada Day which is great! Super excited, even though we can't really do anything but I have a few little Canadian souvenirs which my Mom sent me which I will give  to some people so that will be fun. 

prepped and ready

I am sure most people may have heard by now but Sisters are now approved to wear dress pants! Our mission is one of them so I can now wear dress pants! YAY, it will be way easier to bike now :) Sister Maea and I are going out to buy some today.

Anyways that is all for now. Love you all!

Sister Coultrup

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