Thursday, 11 August 2016

City East Suburbs


It has been a very interesting week with a lot of new experiences! New area, new companion, new ward. But also same area... Because I am still in the City. It feels like I have been transferred but not, if that makes any sense!

The beautiful temple

We had no permits this week so we were not allowed to go into the City, which meant all we could do was work in the very few suburbs we have! We literally door knocked all week! It was very humbling and eye opening. I am so spoiled in the City! We have heaps of people to talk to every where, we never have to door knock, except for when we don't have permits I guess. We did see many miracles this week though.

We found a few new investigators and had some very special moments with people we contacted.

We received a referral from a new Elder in the City, he is from China! And apparently he knows a lot of people who have come here to Adelaide to study. One of his referrals were in our suburbs, so we went to follow up. Knocked on the door and asked for Liu. It was a different Chinese student and said the one we were looking for wasn't home but invited us in anyways! We got to know her and shared more about what we did and asked us to teach her! What a miracle. She is so prepared. Liu eventually showed up and we were able to have a lesson with both of them. It was so great and they prayed for the first time.
My new companion

When we finally got our permits we went straight to the City to contact! The first night we started talking to this lady. She used to believe in God but now she doesn't, she said she has experienced some tragedies in life and said she has become cynical in her older age. I shared a quick personal experience and testified of how the Lord comforts and families can be together forever. She began to cry and thanked us and told us how forgiving we are of God. We talked about how it is through faith in Him we can come to understand everything that happens here, comes to pass for a reason.

At church this week there were so many visitors they had to bless more water in the middle of passing the sacrament because we ran out. That is the first time that has ever happened. But I loved that experience, it just goes to show how important the sacrament is and everyone needs it and should not miss out.

We had a missionary fireside this weekend, I got to see Yan! She came! (investigator from my last area). She is still planning to be baptized in the next few weeks and there is a good chance that I will get to attend. She is so sweet and said she misses me and that I look like a story book character. Hopefully a nice character and not an ogre or something haha. It was so great to see her!

We also did some PVC events which I can't talk much about but that was great, and I again got to see some special people from my last area.

These are all over the suburbs, so funny

Love you all heaps!

Have a great week.

Sister Coultrup

Sister Bethany Victoria Coultrup
Australia Adelaide Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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